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Lock-In 62% Off Your Oracle Support Fees

Join the thousands of companies who have saved MILLIONS by switching from Oracle-provided support to our third-party support.

Get started with a no-obligation assessment to see how Spinnaker Support can help you save money and increase the quality of your Oracle support

Why Spinnaker Support?



Our customers LOVE us!

- NPS score of 79
- Most trusted 3PS provider globally

> 99%

Issue resolution rate

- World-class support by actual humans
Rapid support ticket resolution


Savings on Oracle support fees

- Ensuring continuous innovation
and cost savings

Don't take our word for it...listen to our customers

“Spinnaker Support has not only been incredibly reliable but has also continued to prove their excellence and knowledge around our Oracle Database. Ticket response time due to their 24/7 remote specialists is measured in minutes and speedy resolutions means we can concentrate on our core business.”


Head of IT – Aerospace Industry

“We selected Spinnaker Support to provide ongoing support for our entire Oracle application landscape. As the head-to-head evaluation progressed, it became crystal clear that Spinnaker Support is the best choice for us. They provide an exceptionally high level of local support at an attractive price point and quickly evolved into a natural extension of our own internal IT team.”


CIO - Telecommunications Industry

"Implementation project went as planned, service has been excellent, and we have been able to reach all our financial and quality targets. Spinnaker support is providing true value for our investment.”


Head of SMO & ICT Operations - Retail industry

"Impressed with the responsiveness of Spinnaker Support. The appropriate, skilled and named, person is made available when we need them. Collaboration works very well and we have a strong partnership.”


Senior Manager – Hospitality Industry

"Our overall experience with Spinnaker Support is excellent. Any issue raised are answered promptly and within a good timeframe. The support provided is always of high quality."


Database Administrator - Energy and Utilities Industry

"Spinnaker Support provides quality support for all of our Oracle software and we are never disappointed with them. We switched to Spinnaker Support because of a much better service delivery with promptness and their breadth of understanding and expertise. We’re really enjoying the journey.”


Technical Director - Manufacturing Industry

Third-Party Support Defined

What is Third-Party Support?

Spinnaker Support serves as a direct replacement of Oracle-provided support. Third-party support is always at least half the cost, extends the life of your stable, on-premise system, and typically provides more services through a designated team.


You are already familiar with the concept of third-party support — as a consumer. You may prefer a specialist (third party) to service your car in place of the dealer, and you likely call a third party when it’s time to repair your washer, dryer, refrigerator, or home computer. They are trustworthy specialists who offer convenience and cost savings.


Take charge of your Oracle environment by leveraging Spinnaker Support as your Oracle support provider and reveling in the savings you'll receive once you do.

Is Third-Party Support Legal?

If you mention third-party support to Oracle, they will gladly mention that Oracle has been embroiled in multiple lawsuits with another third-party support provider (the details of this are easy to research online). Oracle actively litigates for competitive advantage, and your contacts are likely to insinuate that alternative support may not be legal.


Since inception in 2008, Spinnaker Support has delivered Oracle support the right way to over 1,200 customers. We understand precisely what practices and processes have been deemed unlawful and have always taken great precaution to deliver support that observes and respects Oracle’s IP rights. 


When assessing vendors, set aside time to discuss how the firm’s processes and practices conform to Oracle’s IP and copyright requirements. For example, every process at Spinnaker Support is ISO-2001:2015 certified, highlighting our strong commitment to transparency and quality management principles. We have proven that third-party support is a safe alternative to Oracle-provided support.

How is Spinnaker Support able to provide higher quality support than Oracle?

  1. Extended Coverage: Standard support includes break/fix service, interoperability, customizations, security and vulnerability management, global tax and regulation compliance, and sound technology advice. Our goal is to resolve the issue, no matter what the source.
  2. Faster Response: Third-party support focuses on diagnosing and solving issues quickly, responding to issues in minutes, not hours or days (see the next section for more). 
  3. Lifetime Support: We will support whatever versions you’re using for as long as you need.
  4. Shared Ownership: We deliver far more personalized support through an assigned team of senior engineers that know you and your technology stack.
  5. Highly Qualified Engineers: We hire only the best in the business, with an Oracle engineering team that now averages 20+ years of software experience. 
  6. Cross-Departmental Teamwork: When a technical issue requires individuals on separate teams, our processes are designed to quickly alert whoever is required to weigh-in on the solution.


Third-party Oracle support providers have different business objectives than Oracle. Of course, increasing revenue and profitability are important, but third-party providers like Spinnaker Support focus on the quality and value of service. Profits are promptly reinvested to improve service quality and breadth for the software you currently own, not the cloud software you may eventually own.

How can you lower the cost AND improve support quality?

It’s easy to be skeptical when a deal sounds too good to be true. 


In fact, it’s not difficult to offer service at a reasonable price when Oracle is overcharging for support. When it comes to pricing, our starting point for support is 50% of your current Oracle support spend. This is rationalized further for idle software, or shelfware, and unused licenses. All told, this bottoms-up pricing leads to an average savings of 62% – 67% with Spinnaker Support.


The higher quality that we promise is simple to explain. We simply focus on building the kind of services we would want ourselves:

  • We hire experienced support engineers who are smart, courteous, and actually care about solving your technical problems. 
  • We construct efficient internal processes that focus on transparency, accountability, and shared ownership. 
  • We deploy modern technology to track issues, communicate with customers, and facilitate the fastest resolution.


In other words, we put a great deal of thought into how to provide excellent service for a fair price. We align our services to your individual needs, so you only pay for what you use. And we reinvest our profits back into operations to ensure that they are as high in quality as possible. Our end goal is to work with our customers as trusted partners for the long term.