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Meeting Salesforce Challenges: What Works and What Doesn't

TEC’s 2021 Salesforce Customer Survey, “Four Winning Strategies to Achieve Salesforce Project Success" reveals which approaches to Salesforce ecosystem optimization have resulted in effectively clearing the Salesforce backlog and achieving efficient, successful implementations.

Here's What You'll Learn

The four winning strategies to achieving Salesforce project success

Why hiring managed services providers led to the greatest overall success

How project implementation can improve customer experience

The secret to maximizing your Salesforce ROI as your business changes

As the world’s most popular customer relationship management software, Salesforce has long been considered instrumental to an organization’s advancement. Still, dedicated users notoriously struggle to grow their ecosystems and manage operations, often experimenting with various approaches to overcome hurdles and position themselves for success.
In 2021, the third-party software-analysis firm Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) surveyed more than 100 Salesforce customers in the U.S. and Canada, collecting data on tried-and-true strategies to optimize their Salesforce ecosystems. This research paper offers a detailed summary of their findings.