The Sceptics Guide to Third-Party Oracle Support

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You're investigating third-party software support and may have doubts. That's natural, especially when it involves your vital Oracle ecosystem. Based on thousands of conversations with sceptics, this guide answers the most frequently asked questions using facts, examples, testimonials, and recommendations. 

Why It’s OK to
Be a Sceptic

It's okay to be a sceptic.

Sceptical [ scep-ti-kuhl ]

Having an attitude of doubt; doubting a particular thing; mistrustful; suspicious.

We all know sceptics. Whether family, friends, or fellow employees, these doubters question certain topics or are suspicious of just about everything. They may not trust the facts, the source of information, or the people involved. They may fear change. 


It’s natural in business to question new ideas and processes, especially when you’re uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. In the best of all worlds, sceptics share their reservations but are also open to explanations that run counter to their positions. If an employee won’t consider another point of view, he is an obstructionist and not a sceptic, which presents a whole different set of issues for your organisation! 

Third-Party Support and Its Sceptics 

Alternative software support is not a new fad or innovation. The market has existed for over 15 years, and the top providers deliver award-winning support through experienced teams and established processes. Gartner has recognised the importance of the market and publishes an annual Market Guide for independent third-party support.i  


Here at Spinnaker Support, we often speak with sceptics of third-party support. After all, it’s very different from Oracle’s traditional support model. Our most productive conversations with prospective customers often begin with their healthy dose of scepticism. Questioning the fundamentals usually drives a more open discussion and eventually leads to more informed and satisfied customers. 

Direct Answers for Direct People 

We know that sceptics want straightforward, honest, and fact-based answers. With all that in mind, we created this Sceptic’s Guide, which addresses 15 of the most frequently asked questions – ones that you may have as well. Throughout this guide, we offer more resources and recommendations to help you determine if third-party Oracle support is a good fit for your organisation. 


If you are a third-party sceptic, this guide is for you. If you’re not a sceptic yourself but have one or more on your team, please share this guide with them. You will find additional advice at the end to help win them over.  

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NOTE: The answers contained in this guide reflect only our own perspective and cite our own resources, processes, and statistics as evidence. Other vendors may – or may not – have different answers for these questions.  

Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.


Why It’s OK to
Be a Sceptic

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