Spinnaker Support vs. Rimini Street

Third-party support is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Oracle and SAP-provided support. Spinnaker Support and Rimini Street are the leading suppliers of third-party software support.

Comparing the Top Third-Party
Support Vendors

According to the 2019 Gartner “Market Guide for Independent Third-Party Maintenance for IBM, Oracle and SAP Software,” the two dominant global providers of third-party Oracle and SAP support are Spinnaker Support and Rimini Street.


This page is meant to help you compare third-party support with Oracle- and SAP-provided support and to delineate the features and business practices of Spinnaker Support and Rimini Street.

What Both Vendors Offer

Third-party support offers clear cost and coverage benefits over the support offered by Oracle and SAP. The top two vendors offer (hover for details):

Cost Savings

At least 50% compared to Oracle and SAP, will vary by vendor and are based on your techology, licenses, and vendor policies

More Responsive


Responding to critical issues within minutes, not hours or days


Global teams that can help no matter when an issue occurs


You are assigned named engineers who get to know your team and technology environment

Installation &
Upgrade Support




Third-party support vendors hire expert Oracle and SAP support engineers



Security &
Vulnerability Management


Details vary per vendor

Full Support for
Customizations &


Generally not covered by Oracle
and SAP

Global Tax &
Regulatory Updates

Details vary per vendor

License Compliance
& Audit Defense


Services you can request if required prior to leaving Oracle and SAP


ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 to ensure standardized processes and data security

Archive of Legally
Owned Files

Files you are legally entitled to have prior to leaving Oracle and SAP, the quality and abilities vary per vendor


Thousands of organizations around the world have already switched to third-party support and are enjoying exceptional service and dramatically lower maintenance costs? It's true! In fact, recent Gartner research predicted that "The third-party software support market will grow from $351 million in 2019 to $1.05 billion by 2023 — a 200% increase.”

What Only Spinnaker Support Can Provide

A Public Reputation of
Earning Trust

through integrity, commitment, reliability, sincerity, consistency, and commitment - as evidenced in our Gartner Peer Insights reviews.

Commercial Contracts

From the start, we structure flexible commercial agreements that align support fees with your actual software use. We can adjust these terms with your future use and migration plans.

No Sunset Support

With no set number of years for support, you can run your current on-premise software version until you decide to upgrade or mitigate.

Superior Seven-Point
Security Solution

our process assesses, hardens, and protects your full technology stack, going beyond software vendor patches and database virtual patching.

A Consultative Approach
to Evaluations

We strive to solve problems, not sell. Our top leadership meets with prospective customers regularly to alleviate concerns, explain processes, and help guide you through the due diligence process.

Track Record of High 
Customer Satisfaction

Customers consistently rate their overall satisfaction with our services above 98%. This is based on responsiveness, fast issue resolution, support engineer expertise, alignment with customer, and modern ITSM tools.

An Absence of Risk

We have no legal risk (from copyright infringement), no financial risk (fastest growing, healthy balance sheet, and profitable), and no operational risk (no injunctions or restrictions that can prohibit full service) that could impact a customer.

A Unique Blend of Service Offerings

Since our inception in 2008, we have offered a unique blend of third-party support, managed services, and consulting. More than 30% of our customers contract for more than one of these services.

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  • When is the right time to move to third-party support

  • What your peers have done when facing these same decisions

  • If third-party support can serve as an enabler to your future technologies

  • How to gain buy-in from your key internal stakeholders

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