Comparison of Spinnaker Support and Rimini Street

According to the 2021 Gartner “Market Guide for Independent Third-Party Support for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP Software,” the two dominant global providers of third-party Oracle and SAP support are Spinnaker Support and Rimini Street.i


When companies may sound the same, selecting a vendor becomes that much harder. When customers select us over Rimini Street, they tell us it comes down to our people, policies, and promises.

Top 7 Reasons Organizations Choose Spinnaker Support

Top 7 Reasons Organizations Choose Spinnaker Support


Engineers Who
Inspire Confidence

From Day 1, your team works with the best talent in the business. Our engineers have seen it all, fixed it all, and are the highest-rated, most experienced team available. 

Our Level 4 software engineers average 20+ years of product experience, by far the most in the market. They deliver high quality fixes, faster.

My points of contact are always very helpful, knowledgeable and very efficient. We have developed an awesome working relationship.

— Gartner Peer Insights 
 (full review)


Fast Responses
Every Time

Just like you, we hate waiting for answers. That’s why our entire team responds quickly, whether it’s for a support ticket, account question, or general inquiry. Responsiveness is embedded deep in our company culture.


Getting the right people, resources, and answers in front of you is at the heart of everything we do. No matter what the issue or time of day, we’re here, live and at your service.


You Receive
Guaranteed Delivery

Our Ultimate Support Guarantee addresses the greatest concerns that enterprises new to third-party support have regarding the quality of services. No one else has one.


This Guarantee is our commitment to providing you with the highest standard of service. We stand by our customers and behind our record of service.

They have a deep understanding of the tools and they are very much able to deliver unrivaled technical support. They are fast and affordable.

— Gartner Peer Insights 
 (full review)


Unique Needs?
No Problem

You will notice a difference in the way we work with you during the sales process. We will not lock you into a one-size-fits-all, rigid, three-year contract – a key reason many organizations have recently switched over to us from our competitor.


We offer flexible commercial contracts that adapt to your changing business needs. Merger? Acquisition? Downsizing? We work with you to align support fees with use.


And we prioritize transparency. Navigating what you can and cannot do with your existing Oracle and SAP contracts is extremely important. We never want you to enter into an agreement with us where you may be exposed to further charges from a publisher.

We wanted to have a business partner to help us coordinate our SAP, Oracle and IBM applications. We found the best partner in Spinnaker Support.

— Gartner Peer Insights 
 (full review)


You Deserve the
Best Security

We deliver the only Seven-Point Security Solution for your data and critical system security. We provide a layered, Defense in Depth approach that future proofs the security of your environments.


What does that mean? We target weakness categories rather than chasing or trying to predict individual threats. And we use hardening techniques and compensating controls to ensure your systems can pass penetration testing and audits.


All that comes standard with our third-party support. We also offer proactive security tooling – but we don’t rely on it exclusively as our competitor does.


Safest Choice.

We are a company with integrity. The alleged and illegal actions resulting in Oracle USA’s court cases against Rimini Street are not and never will be a part of the Spinnaker Support business model.


We continue to have access to Oracle tools that our clients have rights to, and are able to perform many services – such as archiving – that Rimini Street is no longer allowed to legally do.


You will not be compromised by limits on our ability to deliver support, or distracted or involved in the ongoing legal battle between Oracle and Rimini Street.


You’re Not a
Number to Us

Every customer, large and small, is our top priority. We’re the only support provider that gives each customer a hand-picked, assigned team. Because it knows your systems, people, and processes, your team responds and resolves issues more quickly.


Unlike our competitor, we focus solely on customer satisfaction, not market value or shareholder gain. As a result, we rate nearly 100% satisfaction in our annual customer surveys, and > 97% of customers are willing to recommend us.

The world’s most recognized brands trust our support services. You can, too.

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