Third-Party SAP Support:
It’s About Time.

With Spinnaker Support, you can retain your reliable legacy SAP products through more responsive and comprehensive annual support, delivered at a fraction of the cost.

Third-Party SAP Support: It’s About Time.
2024 is the right time to switch to third-party SAP support.

Here’s our timeline of how you can get started today.

Jan – Jun

The Time To Discover

Jan – Aug

The Time To Talk

Aug – Sept

The Time To Cancel

up to Dec

The Time To Decide

The New Year

The Time For Savings

2024 and Beyond

The Time To Strategize

January – June
The Time To Discover
You have plenty of time to discover all you need to know before your renewal of SAP-provided support. Start your discovery early, so you have enough time to prepare.
  • What exactly is third-party SAP support?
  • How does it work for products that are nearing End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM) or End of Life (EoL)?

Quick Start Guide to a Faster Transition to Third-Party Support

Compare the Third-Party Support to SAP Support Models

Start with these resources for the high-level details. Click on the icons for more information.

Top 20 RFP Questions to Include When Evaluating Vendors

Online Reviews with Gartner Peer Insights

January – August
The Time To Talk
You’ve researched the market, now it’s time to engage the vendors.
  • What SAP products do they cover?
  • How will they address your organization’s unique needs?
  • What is their reputation in the market?
We recommend reaching out and starting with a 15-minute introductory discussion.
August – September
The Time To Cancel

Don’t let SAP’s strict deadline force you into a decision on support.

If you have reservations about renewing for 2024, you have an important choice coming on September 30. You can:

  • Exercise your right to cancel by sending a “notice of cancellation” letter. This grants you an extra 90 days to research third-party SAP support from Spinnaker Support.

  • Do nothing and be automatically locked into your annual SAP contract or all of 2024.

Post with Details on Cancelling SAP Auto-Renewal

An example letter you can modify and send to SAP

Calculate Your Savings with Third-Party Support

Building the Case for Third-Party SAP Support

up to December
The Time To Decide

Take the time you need to frame and make your decision. If you’ve exercised your right to cancel, you still have months to make your decision and complete your business case.

SAP will ramp up its efforts to have you renew its support, deploying a range of tactics from audit warnings to cloud credits.

You will need to plan for several weeks of onboarding prior to the end of the year, so your vendor can prepare your team, build a material archive, and ensure a smooth transition on January 1.

The New Year
The Time For Savings

You’ve made it! Spinnaker Support delivers deep savings compared to SAP-provided support (an average of 62% less). Starting January 1, you can allocate these funds as needed, whether that’s to satisfy shareholders, meet mandated budget cuts, or invest in other IT initiatives.

Third-party support covers your SAP products through a responsive team of expert SAP engineers, even if those products have reached EoMM or EoL. Your stable systems will continue to run at peak performance for as long as you need.

In the Trenches with Third-Party Support: Five True Stories from the Front Lines of Software Support

Experience a Year of SAP Third-Party Software Support

2027 Strategy: What Does It Mean?

SAP Basis Managed Services for additional monitoring, maintenance, and management

2024 and Beyond
The Time To Strategize
Congratulations! You’ve bought yourself all the time you need to consider your long-term IT strategy.

SAP is no longer pressuring you into an upgrade you may not want or be ready for, and you’ve significantly cut your IT costs. And your SAP users are happier with a dedicated, 24/7 support team.

Should you need the additional boost, Spinnaker Support can also provide Basis or BI managed services.

Third-Party SAP Support:
It’s about Time.

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